Blog Reboot

unnamedIf you’re coming from my previous, out-dated and stale blog then consider this a reboot. Of course, that blog was so stale (the last post was in 2010) that it’s doubtful anyone was still following and anyone that was reading posts likely arrived there directly from Google.

Those old blog posts are all still there, at least for now, but you’ll have to find them via search. There is some interesting stuff there, but the majority is seriously outdated (configuring some old release of Linux) or me babbling on (or worse, complaining) about something without much in the way of solutions.

With this reboot I am loftily aiming to make things better. That is, if I point out a problem, I plan to propose fixes or potential solutions. Where a positive spin can be placed on something, I plan to do so. There is enough negativity to go around already and that negativity and the egregious diatribe is only increasing with tools like Twitter, Facebook or any other easily setup platforms for expressing views and opinions. So you won’t get that negativity from me, or if you do, I plan for that to be the rare exception rather than the rule. Misery may love company but hopefully my positive energy (and lack of negative waves) will make for better reading and maybe even a better world, if only a happier, more positive one. Like I said, potentially lofty goals.

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