Random thoughts about various interests. My current list of interests includes, but is not limited to, the following: aviation, flying, drones, GIS, running and SAR. You’ll probably also see some occasional posts about parenting, hiking, technology and open data. Most of the posts will likely have a Western Canadian spin given that’s where I live and play. All opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect that of my employers, past or present, or any other organizations I may belong to or be affiliated with, such as COPA, CASARA or Unmanned Systems Canada.

About Me

untitled shoot-1920-2
Sunrise at Calgary/Springbank (CYBW)

I have been fascinated with all things aviation from an early age. I was so determined to leave ‘terra firma’ that I earned my pilot license (with night and instrument ratings) to get me into the air and got my PADI Divemaster certification to take me the opposite direction.

Week days you will find me working remotely for AirMap (I refer to my house as AirMap’s Calgary office) where I use my knowledge of aviation, aeronautical data, regulations and GIS and merge all that information, data, and processes from traditional aviation into the drone space. If drones/UAVs interest you and/or you are operating UAVs commercially, read more about AirMap and our offerings on our website at airmap.com.

When not flying around aimlessly for fun, I volunteer as a navigator for the Calgary Zone of the Civil Air Search and Rescue Association (CASARA). I also do a lot of running, in general for fitness but occasionally as training for a race (10K, half-marathon, marathon).

For completeness, assuming you’re interested, I have a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Calgary and am a staunch monarchist as a result of my time spent riding around in various armoured vehicles in the Canadian Army.

If you’re wondering about the URL and/or title of this blog, it’s a throwback to my Computer Science roots. Bogosort is a completely inefficient sort algorithm equivalent to throwing a deck of cards in the air, randomly picking the cards up and then checking to see if the cards are in order, repeating the process if not until the deck is sorted.

See the Contact Me page for ways to get in touch.

Credit for the amazing mountain header aerial photo (taken with me flying) goes to Neil Zeller — talk to Neil for all things photography.