Watch face: UTC Digital

I really wanted a watch face for my D2 Bravo where the main (prominently displayed) time was UTC. And although there are hundreds of watch faces on the Garmin Connect IQ Store, none of them feature UTC as the main time. So I programmed my own, which I’ve aptly (and boringly) named UTC Digital.

You can download the watch face from Garmin’s Connect IQ Store:

64b24906-9032-455a-858b-34000b433ea2The general idea behind a UTC-based watch face is that as an aviator, from the moment you start flight planning until the point at which you shutdown your engine at your destination all times are referenced in UTC. So it makes the most sense to have a watch face that displays the time in UTC. Or if there are multiple times displayed on the watch then the largest, easiest time to read with a quick glance should be UTC.

As noted on the app description on the Connect IQ Store, although this watch face was designed with aviation users in mind (pilots, dispatchers, flight attendants, ATC, etc) it will likely be useful to anyone else who deals with UTC over long stretches of time and doesn’t want to fumble to find it.


0.9.5 -- 06 Sep 2016
 - added bar graph indicator for battery level, step count/goal and move status
 - added support for fēnix Chronos

0.9.4 -- 15 Aug 2016
 - fixed bug where midnight on 12 hour clock displayed as 0:00 AM instead of 12:00 AM
 - added option to swap the times (no need to switch to a separate watch face)

0.9.3  —  19 Jul 2016
 - added support for Forerunner 920xt
 - added configuration option to display seconds (during high power mode)

0.9.2  —  14 Jul 2016
  - added support for epix, vívoactive, vívoactive HR

0.9.1  —  07 Jul 2016
  - added support for Forerunner 230, Forerunner 235, Forerunner 630, Forerunner 735xt

0.9.0  —  06 Jul 2016
  - initial release, supporting D2 Bravo, fēnix 3 (and derivatives)